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Grass fed cartoon

Cartoon Notes

Yep, I’ve been eating in more of a high fat style so all these Keto/Paleo/Carnivore buzzwords are hanging around in my head and thus the grass fed punchline.

A couple of alternate cartoon punchlines I thought about were:

“They grow up so fast.”
“We got him when he was a maggot.”
“We just started fostering maggots.”

I liked the last one but I thought the fostering concept might not work for a lot of people.

Once I finally figured out the approach I wanted, the logical part of my brain was stating it somewhat like this, “My pet fly is very large because we feed him only grass fed shit.” The crucial step was to take this logic and have it translated by the funnier part of my brain into an effective punchline.

My first attempt was, “We feed him grass fed shit.” which is not bad but still a little too on point for my taste. “The key is grass fed shit” works a lot better and sort of suggests that this is the answer to an question we didn’t hear. It’s almost like we dropped in at the exact right time during a conversation.

Plus it’s one word shorter and shorter is often better in the comedy business.