Legendary Monster

Abominable Snowman Cartoon

Cartoon Notes

This cartoon reminds of a comedy topic that I’ve been thinking about lately.

If a joke comes too easy then you probably shouldn’t do it. If it’s that easy to get to, it means many other people have already been there before you.

What I mean by “easy”, is a joke where only a small change is required to arrive at the joke. Say for instance, you consider the word T-Rex and instead change it to T-Flex. This is a very simple change and from this change you can easily imagine a cartoon where a dinosaur curls dumbbells with his tiny little arms or something similar.

In these situations, you’ll find that these kinds of jokes have been done many times already by many different people. For example, I just went to Google and entered “t-flex cartoon” into the search box and in the images tab I could see at least a dozen variations on this joke.

Now as far as “easy” goes, I’m not talking about this joke but about another abominable snowman joke I thought of about two weeks prior to this one. With a slight change “abominable snowman” becomes “abdominal snowman” which of course instantly gives rise to the image of a monster with 6 pack abs.

I was soooo happy when I thought this joke up but then it quickly became evident to me that this was one of those low hanging jokes and so with a heavy heart I did a google search and… yep… dozens of cartoons based on this idea. So into the scrap pile this cartoon idea went, never to be seen again.

The good news is that the abominable snowman stayed in my head for a couple of weeks until I could come up with this more unique take on the subject.

Man, that was a lot longer of a rant than I thought it would be. Thanks for hanging in there.